48 minutes | Nov 14th 2018

Vulnerability, Shame, VR and other Motivators in the Kitchen: Jenny Dorsey

When chef Jenny Dorsey creates culinary experiences, she wants the conversation to be about a whole lot more than the food. With projects such as the experimental pop up dinner series, "Wednesdays", and her "It's Disgusting" lunchboxes campaign, Dorsey wants people to be courageously present: to shed their inhibitions, open up to new and uncomfortable ideas, and ultimately leave the meal more empathetic. Her latest undertaking, "Asian in America," is a blend of VR, poetry, and food, where each ingredient is mined for its many layers of meaning. Tune in to this episode of Speaking Broadly to learn more about how Dorsey's struggle with binge-eating and being an introvert led her to culinary school, why she thinks that culinary education needs to be reimagined, and how an acupuncture session led to a now-realized vision of marrying VR and food.

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Photo by Hannah Burton and Bustle

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