43 minutes | May 17, 2016

EP:010 Chip Eichelberger

Chip demonstrates how taking personal responsibility makes it possible to achieve new levels of performance. He is known for his Get Switched On! program that inspire audiences to consistently bring their “A Game” and surpass it. Chip graduated from the University of Oregon the College of Business Administration. He worked as a sales rep with Jantzen Sportswear, building territories in Spokane and Salt Lake City for four years. After two corporate buyouts that cut the sales force in half he was let go. The layoff was a career-changer as he moved on to work with world-renowned business leader Tony Robbins in San Diego. Chip proved himself, being the Sales Leader of the Year twice and mastering telemarketing and group presentation sales. He also hired, trained and led sales teams throughout the United States. As Robbins’ international point-man, he built the brand in Australia and the United Kingdom.  Five years later, Chip started his own brand and has presented at over 1,000 events for companies and associations including Hyatt, Wells Fargo, University of Michigan Athletic Department, State Farm, Great Clips, DOW, The Campbell Soup Company, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Exxon, NADA and PMI. Additional Information: Speaking Platform: Personal Development Years Speaking: 20 Years Website: GetSwitchedOn.com Social Media: @chipe [ctt title=”Chip Eichelberger, shares insight on the speaking business on Speakers on Speaking” tweet=”@SpeakerSponsor Chip Eichelberger,  shares insight on the speaking business on Speakers on Speaking |http://speakersonspeaking.com/chip-eichelberger/‎” coverup=”5xfu3″]   Time Stamped Show Notes: [10:16] CONNECTING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE [13:16 ] I DON’T NICH [14:07] ONE MAN SHOW VS. A TEAM [16:04] CHIPS BEST MARKETING APPROACH [16:41] HOW TO STAY FRESH [19:18 ]ENGAGING WITH THE AUDIENCE [22:57] SETTING YOUR SPEAKING FEES [7:22] The Changing Of The Speaking Industry [26:07] HOW TO GET STARTED [35:57] WHERE IS THE INDUSTRY GOING RESOURCES MENTIONED:   The Smart Guide to Accomplishing Your Goals Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness The Pursuit of Wow National Speakers Association (NSA) 3 Key Points: Being Good Is The Best Thing You Can Do! 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