46 minutes | May 2, 2016

EP.008: Tina Griffin

As a former actress, Tina has seen first-hand what takes place in Hollywood once the lights are down and cameras are turned off.  She share all of this inside info with you. Truth about celebrities life-styles are revealed, along with personal stories of what she has experienced while working with top stars in the industry for over a decade. Her goal is to be as educated as possible on today’s media so that she can better educate our minions.Tina’s mission is to reveal the deadly consequences of the glamorization of premarital sex, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, cutting and other self-destructive behaviors portrayed in today’s entertainment. Her presentations educate and encourage the next generation to live with integrity and create change in their culture.Whether through this weekly blog, a podcast, radio show or live event, [ctt title=”Tina’s goal is to expose the lies of today’s entertainment and help you raise great kids in the midst of our current corrupted culture.” tweet=”@TinaMGriffin goal is to expose the lies of today’s entertainment and help you raise great kids in the midst of our current corrupted culture.” coverup=”ubcwl”]Additional Information:Speaking Platform: Youth ExpertYears Speaking: 10 YearsWebsite: CounterCultureMom.comSocial Media: @TinaMGriffin[ctt title=”Tina Griffin, Youth Speaker shares insight as a speaker” tweet=”@TinaMGriffin, Youth Speaker shares insight as a speaker “udcFW”]Time Stamped Show Notes:[04:22] The Role of a Speaking/Business Coach (Phil Charmer)[05.26]: Finding a Speaking Platform[08:20]: Getting in the Speaking Business[11:00]: Freezing Out On Stage[12:15]: Does Stage Experience Transfer Over to a Speaking Career[15:51]: The Definition Of A Professional Speaker[7:19]: How to Define Longevity[19:32]: Getting Booking[23:00]: How to Speak to the Youth[28:06]: Making the Meeting Planner Happy[35:50]: Words of InspirationRESOURCES MENTIONED:Check out the resources Tina usages as she prepares for a speaking engagement on her booking page.SCORRE Training  TED Talks3 Key Points:Do your homework when preparing to speakSpeak often!   Download Listen in a New Window iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Leave a Review Clammr It Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android function sppClammrIt_2060() { var sppReferralName = 'SimplePodcastPress'; var sppCurStartTime = '00:00'; var sppCurStartTimeMs = 0; var sppCurEndTimeMs = 0; var clammrUrlEncoded = ''; if (document.getElementsByClassName("sppaudioplayer").item(0) != null) { jQuery('.sppaudioplayer').trigger("pause"); sppCurStartTime = document.getElementsByClassName("audioplayer-time audioplayer-time-current").item(0).innerHTML; var p = sppCurStartTime.split(':'),s = 0, m = 1; while (p.length > 0) { s += m * parseInt(p.pop(), 10); m *= 60; } sppCurStartTimeMs = s * 1000; } // SM players else if (window.soundManager) { var soundId = window.soundManager.soundIDs[0]; if (soundId == null) { if (window.sm2BarPlayers) window.sm2BarPlayers[0].actions.play(); else jQuery('span.spp-play').click(); soundId = window.soundManager.soundIDs[0]; soundManager.getSoundById(soundId).pause(); jQuery("div.smart-track-player").removeClass("spp-playing"); sppCurStartTimeMs = soundManager.getSoundById(soundId).position; } else if (window.soundManager.enabled) { sppCurStartTimeMs = soundManager.getSoundById(soundId).position; if (soundManager.getSoundById(soundId).paused === false) { soundManager.getSoundById(soundId).pause(); jQuery("div.smart-track-player").removeClass("spp-playing"); } } } sppCurEndTimeMs = sppCurStartTimeMs + 24000; clammrUrlEncoded = "http://www.clammr.com/app/clammr/crop"; clammrUrlEncoded += "?audioUrl=" + encodeURIComponent("http://media.blubrry.com/speakersonspeaking/content.blubrry.com/speakersonspeaking/SOS.EP008.mp3"); clammrUrlEncoded += "&imageUrl=" + encodeURIComponent("http://speakersonspeaking.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/6.png"); clammrUrlEncoded += "&audioStartTime=" + encodeURIComponent(sppCurStartTimeMs); clammrUrlEncoded += "&audioEndTime=" + encodeURIComponent(sppCurEndTimeMs); clammrUrlEncoded += "&title=" + "EP.008%3A%20Tina%20Griffin"; clammrUrlEncoded += "&description=" + encodeURIComponent("http%3A%2F%2Fspeakersonspeaking.com%2Ftina_griffin%2F%20-%20As%20a%20former%20actress%2C%20Tina%20has%C2%A0seen%20first-hand%20what%20takes%20place%20in%20Hollywood%20once%20the%20lights%20are%20down%20and%20cameras%20are%20turned%20off.%20%C2%A0She%20share%20all%20of%20this%20inside%20info%20with%20you.%C2%A0Truth%20about%20celebrities%20life-styles%20are%C2%A0revealed%2C%20along%20with%20personal%20stories%20of%20what%20she%20has%C2%A0experienced%C2%A0while%20working%20with%20top%20stars%20in%20the%20industry%20for%20over%20a%20decade.%20Her%C2%A0goal%20is%20to%20be%20as%20educated%20as%20possible%20on%20today%E2%80%99s%20media%20so%20that%20she%C2%A0can%20better%20educate%20our%20minions.Tina%E2%80%99s%20mission%20is%20to%20reveal%20the%20dead%20..."); clammrUrlEncoded += "&referralName=" + encodeURIComponent("SimplePodcastPress"); window.open(clammrUrlEncoded, 'cropPlugin', 'width=1000, height=750, top=50, left=200'); }
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