30 minutes | Sep 25, 2019

Kyle Farnsworth

Former MLB reliever and current badass Kyle Farnsworth drops by to talk with Andrew about his time playing baseball all over the globe from the minor leagues to the MLB and even in Mexico. He shares stories about the famous brawl against the Reds, getting called up to the MLB, his time playing semi-pro football in retirement. For more from the people involved on twitter follow @speakyourlife1 @24_7farnsworth @andrew_germann also Kyle can be found on Instagram @thekylefarnsworth or check out his newest venture @farnsworthpeakperformance on instagram as well.As always a huge thank you to B1 Patches, never get dehydrated again go tobuyb1.com and use promo code SYLB1 for 20% off your order. 
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