25 minutes | Apr 18th 2020

Wor Vera - Singing for Care Home Residents

Meet "Wor Vera", a.k.a. singer Deborah Taylor-Smith, who's donating her time and her voice by performing songs from throughout the decades outside care home residents across the North East. As care homes across the country are losing lives to COVID-19, Deb, who's studying BA Performing Arts at the University of Sunderland, is lifting spirits for residents when they're in need of positivity more than ever. "I have to hold back tears. A lot of the places I go to, the care homes, people are living with dementia. They can't remember that they've just had food before the show, they don't remember what happened five minutes ago. "But as soon as I start singing these songs, they light up, they wave flags, they're dancing. It's overwhelming." Join us as hosts Betty Ball & Stevie B meet Deborah back at the last Speak Up Sunderland Live before the COVID-19 outbreak began, at the Fire Station in Sunderland. Hear about her journey; from gaining confidence and realising her talent, to beginning singing in public, booking gigs, and making a successful living from singing. Featuring Abbie Bianchi, and Angie Cumerford. --- --- --- We want to be your platform if you have anything to share with us - how you're feeling, how you've been affected, or your family, your business, your wellbeing - absolutely anything. Please send us a voice recording as a private message on our Facebook - we'll be using content in our upcoming episodes. --- --- --- Speak Up Sunderland is a podcast proudly produced in Sunderland, for Sunderland. Our hosts Betty Ball and Stevie B, and our producer is Jay Sykes. Our music (heavily butchered this episode!) was created by Timecrawler 82, and our new logo and branding by Jorge Vinicio. Join us on our journey: Our website - SpeakUpSunderland.com Twitter - @SpeakUpSun Instagram - @SpeakUpSun or join us on Facebook!
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