34 minutes | Oct 23rd 2019

The Auditorium - Sunderland's New Music & Arts Venue

Work on a £11million new music venue in Sunderland's city centre has just begun, alongside the redeveloped Fire Station. When it opens in 2021, the "Auditorium" promises to be Sunderland's answer to mid-size venues - a 450-seater venue with music and theatre performances around the year. It's part of the MAC Trust's continued plans to develop a cultural quarter in Sunderland. Rebecca Ball, Creative Director of Sunderland Culture, joins hosts Betty Ball and Stevie B to share the latest developments in Sunderland. Click here for a full transcript of this episode. --- --- --- Speak Up Sunderland is a podcast proudly produced in Sunderland, for Sunderland. Our hosts Betty Ball and Stevie B, and our producer is Jay Sykes. Our music was created by Timecrawler 82, and our new logo and branding by Jorge Vinicio. Join us on our journey: Our website - SpeakUpSunderland.com Twitter - @SpeakUpSun Instagram - @SpeakUpSun or join us on Facebook!
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