45 minutes | Oct 30th 2019

Spooky Stories with Spectral Visions Press

Red Riding Blood.  Witches put to trial.  The monsters behind the screen.  This is the Speak Up Sunderland Halloween Special. Spooky stories for Halloween, read by 6 members of Spectral Visions Press, a publishing house based at the University of Sunderland who focus on the gothic, horror, and macabre. Joining us live to share stories at the Fire Station in Sunderland were Spectral Visions' two founders: Dr. Alison Younger - Programme Leader, MA English Studies Colin Younger - Senior Lecturer, English and Creative Writing "Gothic is sexy, gothic is everything. Our students loved it, so we set Spectral Visions up so they had somewhere to publish it. It's not just students - we encourage anyone from Sunderland to submit work." "When students leave university, they don't just leave with a degree, but they leave with work experience from a publishing house, and with published writing. So it's a good first step on the ladder." And with poetry / creative writing readings from: Carolyn Thomas Rubin Blue Lizzy Hergraves Anthony Anderson --- --- --- Speak Up Sunderland is a podcast proudly produced in Sunderland, for Sunderland. Our hosts Betty Ball and Stevie B, and our producer is Jay Sykes. Our music (heavily butchered this episode!) was created by Timecrawler 82, and our new logo and branding by Jorge Vinicio. Join us on our journey: Our website - SpeakUpSunderland.com Twitter - @SpeakUpSun Instagram - @SpeakUpSun or join us on Facebook!
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