37 minutes | Mar 22nd 2020

Lockdown Edition - Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

Our hosts Betty Ball and Stevie B get together for a call after a really intense week. Now with his job as a deep cleaner classifying him as a "key worker", Stevie B shares his experience of deep cleaning tower blocks of COVD-19. It's not all doom and gloom - Betty gets sloshed in the bath, and we learn the etiquette of proper underwear. --- --- --- We want to be your platform if you have anything to share with us - how you're feeling, how you've been affected, or your family, your business, your wellbeing - absolutely anything. Please send us a voice recording as a private message on our Facebook - we'll be using content in our upcoming episodes. --- --- --- Speak Up Sunderland is a podcast proudly produced in Sunderland, for Sunderland. Our hosts Betty Ball and Stevie B, and our producer is Jay Sykes. Our music (heavily butchered this episode!) was created by Timecrawler 82, and our new logo and branding by Jorge Vinicio. Join us on our journey: Our website - SpeakUpSunderland.com Twitter - @SpeakUpSun Instagram - @SpeakUpSun or join us on Facebook!
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