24 minutes | Dec 28th 2019

Happy New Year from Betty & Stevie

Happy New Year from Betty and Stevie at Speak Up Sunderland! Together we chat festive memories, play a stupid game, and tell you all about a couple of new projects we're launching next year: A special first listen to a supercut of our first "Ball's Deep" - where we put Betty through her paces - challenging her with intense experiences & awkward situations in the area.  Whether that's with hard-as nails-fitness instructors, getting her art on & drawing naked people, or whatever you can think of. "An Elephant Never Forgets" - a new series documenting aural histories of the Frank Caws Elephant Tea Rooms building in Sunderland.  It's a project we're working on in partnership with Living History North East, and the Sunderland Libraries. --- --- --- Speak Up Sunderland is a podcast proudly produced in Sunderland, for Sunderland. Our hosts Betty Ball and Stevie B, and our producer is Jay Sykes. Our music (heavily butchered this episode!) was created by Timecrawler 82, and our new logo and branding by Jorge Vinicio. Join us on our journey: Our website - SpeakUpSunderland.com Twitter - @SpeakUpSun Instagram - @SpeakUpSun or join us on Facebook!
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