59 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

011 – Daniel Reisner – The Most Interesting Legal Career

Daniel Reisner has the most interesting legal career. He is widely-recognized as one of Israel’s leading Public International Law experts. He served as Head of the Israel Defence Force’s International Law Department and advises the Israeli leadership on a wide variety of international-law related issues. From 1994 onwards, Daniel served as a senior member of Israel’s peace delegations with both Jordan and the Palestinians, working in the triple role of negotiator, legal advisor and drafter. In this capacity, he advised Prime Ministers Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu, Barak and Sharon, and participated in all of the negotiation sessions and summits, including those in Amman, Wye River, Camp David and Taba. Daniel now focuses on representing international clients (both private and governmental) in two specialist fields: commercial and regulatory aspects of large-scale Defence and Homeland Security projects; and (more uniquely) a diverse range of public international law issues. Daniel continues to advise senior members of the Israeli government on a variety of issues relating to the Middle East peace process and security issues. Daniel can be reached at: https://herzoglaw.co.il/en/our-team/daniel-reisner/The post 011 – Daniel Reisner – The Most Interesting Legal Career first appeared on Charney Legal.
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