52 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

Mark Weiss

The Decade That Rocked. Mark Weiss is responsible for multiple iconic photos of Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, and Aerosmith. As the main photographer for Ozzy Osbourne, Mark first shot Metallica during the 1986 Ozzy/Metallica tour, and was soon after drafted to do the band's first publicity photos with Jason Newsted. It's all chronicled in his new book, The Decade That Rocked, focused on his work from the 1980s. In this episode, we also talk about Ozzy dressed as the Easter Bunny; Dokken and Freddy Krueger; Sammi Curr; the Moscow Music Peace Festival; Dee Snider at the PMRC hearings; Mark's brush with Glenn Danzig; shooting a very strung-out Dave Mustaine; and of course, a lot of Metallica. Learn more about Mark at TheDecadeThatRocked.com. Speak N' Destroy podcast theme composed, performed, and produced by Scott Mellinger. Visit SpeakNDestroy.com. Follow the show on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Follow Ryan J. Downey on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Speak N' Destroy is part of the PopCurse podcast network.