39 minutes | Dec 18th 2020

Vaccine safety and Covid-19 with Dr. Perri Klass | Ep 223

If there's one thing we're all talking about, and maybe even tearing up about (if you're Liz), it's the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccines. So we invited the most perfect guest, vaccine expert, author, NYU professor, pediatrician, NY Times science columnist of "The Checkup," Dr. Perri Klass. She's offering a fantastic perspective about the vaccine that we hope will either help put you at ease, or give you another reason to continue celebrating. She's so informative and reassuring, that we really hope you'll take a listen. Be sure to share this episode with someone you know who needs to hear it too. // Shownotes: CoolMomPicks.com // Many thanks to our awesome sponsor Life360, the leading family safety membership service, which offers comprehensive, easy-to-use safety features for life at home, online, and on the road, all through one simple app.

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