42 minutes | Aug 5th 2020

The pandemic is screwing working moms: Katherine Goldstein | Ep 213

We're so honored to welcome back The Double Shift podcaster, journalist and working mom expert Katherine Goldstein for an incredible conversation about one of the many troubling aspects of the Covid pandemic: its profound impact on working moms. We discuss the real challenges, who it's hurting most, how to rally for the help we all need, and what the long term impact of Covid could be on an entire generation of working mothers...if we don't start prioritizing childcare in America. Plus, she's got a great alternative to the "mommy war" shaming over parents' (decidedly limited) choices right now. // Thanks so much for listening and subscribing. You can discuss this episode with us in the Spawned FB community // Shownotes: CoolMomPicks.com // Many thanks to our fantastic sponsor, Breyers CarbSmart for helping us get through this hot summer at home
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