50 minutes | Jun 4th 2020

Meena Harris on the importance of diversity in children's books and raising kids to care | Ep 204

Liz speaks with the incredible activist, mom, and now author Meena Harris about her wonderful new children's book, "Kamala and Maya's Big Idea" based on a true story from the childhoods of her mom, Maya Harris, and her Aunt Kamala. We talk about representation and diversity in children's literature, the importance of reading about strong female characters (especially for boys!), how to to kids about racism and the world, some of Meena's best childhood memories, her civil rights activist grandma's terrific life advice...and the best roast chicken ever. \\ NOTE this episode was recorded 5/29, just before this week of protest and uprising across the country. \\ More info, show notes, and links to Meena's work on the Cool Mom Picks podcast page \\ Thanks to our sponsor, Breyer's CarbSmart frozen treats \\ Thanks to YOU for listening, subscribing, and for your gracious reviews. Come discuss today's episode with us in the Spawned FB Community. And stay safe out there, parents.

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