61 minutes | Oct 25th 2020

[VAULT] Jill Wheatley On Losing Sight & Gaining Vision

Jill Wheatley was born in Canada and was working as a Physical Education teacher in Bavaria in September 2014 when she was hit in the head with a ball in a freak accident.

Jill was taken to Emergency but was sent home after only about 15min to nurse what the doctors described as a ‘black eye’.

Unfortunately, she spent the next 48 hours alone, drifting in and out of consciousness before she was found by a friend, rushed back to the hospital where it was discovered she had a fractured skull (amongst other injuries).

2 years, 7 hospitals and 3 countries later, Jill’s black eye never re-opened.

She was left with a traumatic brain injury and only 30% of her vision.

But that was not going to stop Jill from returning to her beloved mountains.

So she set a goal to circumnavigate the world and run not only trails but what she describes as “illustrious mountain ranges” with her “differently-abled” body.

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