28 minutes | Dec 13, 2020

Ep. 26: The Magic Trigger: Turning Visitors Into Clients & Customers

Are you using your website dynamically to engage with your customers and clients in a targeted way? Have you set up triggers and touch points based on your customers’/clients’ interactions with your site, helping them to get the answers and information they need -- aka more business for you? When was the last time you took a good look at how your website functions for your business? If these questions seem way past where you’re at with your site, or your website has been stagnant - or worse, a thorn in your side - for longer than you care to remember, be SURE to join this live Spark! session with Stephanie. You will: 

  • Learn how you can use visits to your website to personalize your marketing efforts so that you can serve your customers/clients better - and get more of them
  • Get inspired to make some changes so your website can help, not hinder, your business
  • Understand how to develop a purpose for various components of your site so it becomes a dynamic marketing tool, rather than a stagnant one
  • Hear about real-life examples of how this works and can be implemented from Vegan Mainstream’s own website

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