41 minutes | Oct 29th 2020

We're Talking about Anxiety and Business

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On today's episode of the Spapreneur® Podcast we're talking about how it's extra this time of the year and anxiety is up. With the election and discussion, it's hard to escape and your clients feel they can take over your emotional state. How do we take on this challenge and anxiety with grace? This is what we're talking about today.

Topics Covered:
  • We have a new editor - Joel Sharpton! and he has the coolest wife
  • Sessy is heading to Europe again!
  • September the 2nd New Year
  • Amber Dugger is amazing
  • We take anxiety meds - and it's okay
  • When we feel taken hostage by the client
  • You Don't Have to Respond
  • Have a question that works that isn't political
  • When you're out of control
  • Control what you can control
  • You can't fix everything
  • Don't be a sponge be a duck
  • Pillar 5 - Systems and Processes
  • The difference between surrendering and giving up
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