32 minutes | Nov 18th 2020

Turning Major Fails into Customer Service Wins

On this episode of the Spapreneur® podcast, Lynn and Ramona talked about a situation that happened when a major mistake happened and how it turned into an amazing customer experience. We take a real situation and turn it into a lesson for every business owner.

Topics Mentioned

  • Sessy loves her ringtones.
  • Our love of Costco is limitless.
  • "Don't talk. I have to call Your Mother."
  • Offer Solutions to Help Your Clients Walk Away Well
  • The first Step Acknowledge the Problem.
  • Built-up Good Will Helps
  • Loyalty to the Place Happens More Often
  • Sometimes you have to admit you're human.
  • The minute you know something is messed up, fix it.
  • Check your systems and processes before the busy season
  • Train your staff to think, "what would they do?".
  • What happens if they pull a "Karen."
  • It is 10x More Expensive To Get a New Client than Keep a Current Client

Resources Mentioned

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