32 minutes | Jan 20th 2021

How to Fill Your Schedule for a Whole Year

On today’s episode of the Spapreneur® podcast, we have a fantastic guest Katt Phillips a solo esthetician who is booked a year in advance and makes multiple six figures. Her system for booking her clients is genius, so much so that Ramona actually hired her to coach the team at DeStress Express. Grab some notes because this episode has so many action steps to fill your schedules.

Topics Covered 
  • Katt’s background
  • How she filled her schedule and made it last 
  • Switching to online booking didn’t make it easier 
  • She wasn’t serving her best clients and her body was breaking down
  • She doesn’t have front desk support 
  • Fills her books with her best clients 
  • Don’t let the online scheduler rule your appointment book
  • Know yourself when your brain works best 
  • Group your clients - top clients first 
  • Give VIP clients one emergency pass a year
  • The invitation is important 
Resources Mentioned 
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