22 minutes | Aug 17, 2021

Episode 56: What's the Deal with "Lo"? Part 1

"Lo" is one of those really versatile words in Spanish, and can be pretty tricky for English speakers to wrap their minds around (even I struggle with it sometimes!). So today's episode gives an overview on the 6 main ways that "lo" is used in Spanish, focusing on the first three in this episode and the last three in the next! Remember, learning a language is a lifelong journey.¡Aprovéchalo, Disfrútalo y Compártelo!SHOW NOTES© 2021 by Language Answers, LLCBlog for Episode 56Intro and Closing Music by Master_Service from FiverrCultural Tip Transition Music edited from song by JuliusH from PixabayResource LinksEpisode Content  Episodio 48: Los Pronombres de los Objetos Directos e Indirectos "The Neuter Relative Pronouns "Lo Cual" and "Lo Que"" by SpanishDict.com  "How to Use ‘Lo’ in Spanish" by Gerald Erichsen, updated February 03, 2020, for ThoughtCo. "4 Ways to Use “Lo” to Replace or Create Any New Idea" by Real Fast Spanish "Bueno" by HarperCollins Publishers, via Collins online dictionary "How to use LO QUE in Spanish" by Real Fast Spanish, uploaded to YouTube on October 8, 2020 "The article lo - Easy Learning Grammar Spanish" by Collins Cultural Tip "National Holidays in Argentina in 2021" from OfficeHolidays.com (click on the links there to read more about each holiday, which is how I gathered my information.) "The Story Behind the Argentina Flag" by the CultureTrip.com  "Flag of Argentina" by Whitney Smith on February 2, 2001 for Britannica.com, updated on July 25, 2011
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