13 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

Episode 45: False Friends

Sometimes, words in Spanish that look familiar may not mean what you think they mean. Here are 10 examples to help you avoid making those rookie mistakes!Remember, learning a language is a lifelong journey. ¡Aprovéchalo, Disfrútalo y Compártelo!SHOW NOTES© 2021 by Language Answers, LLCBlog for Episode 45Intro and Closing Music by Master_Service from FiverrCultural Tip Transition Music edited from song by JuliusH from PixabayResource LinksEpisode Content  Wordreference.com  "20 Surprising Spanish-English False Friends Everyone Falls For" by Lisa for FluentU "15 Spanish False Friends about Emotion" by Real Fast Spanish "Falsos amigos" by Lawless Spanish "Lista de falsos amigos en inglés" by  Adriana Jiménez for Babel on January 29, 2020 "Los 11 falsos amigos más comunes entre el inglés y el español" by Ana Sánchez for Verbling on November 25, 2015 Cultural Tip "The World Factbook: Colombia"  by the CIA "The World Factbook: Colombia Summary" by the CIA "Colombia" by Office Holidays
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