17 minutes | Oct 22, 2017

Chris's Training Corner

Monica speaks to Chris Willardsen a fitness specialist in Southern Utah. His example of honest well-being is a great model to follow.  About Chris: Fitness, specifically weight-lifting and running, have been an important part of my life, since age 15. As I've grown older (now 51) I've become more in tune to what's going on in the fitness industry, and frankly, more suspicious of claims made by manufacturers marketing fitness and dietary products as well as shortcuts to weight loss.  I hope to help people who are seeking exercise and weight loss advice on how to sift through the confusing information. And, more importantly, to look at fitness as a life-long way of living without taking unhealthy shortcuts for short-term gain. Chris's contribution to Southern Utah Podcast can be heard monthly with a link to Chris's Corner training tips.  
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