26 minutes | Mar 30, 2018

Astrologist - Kari Sutcliffe

Monica speaks to Astrologist Kari Sutcliffe (a native of Southern Utah) about the captivating art and science of Astrology and Astronomy.  Whether you are a skeptic or not, you may see with a new vision after listening to Kari. Kari teaches classes and seminars in Southern Utah. Contact her for a private reading or about her schedule of classes. yourpocketastrologist@gmail.com Her next class ​-  This year's Easter lands on April Fools! It turns out many of us have been fooled when it comes to Easter Tradition, and in this seminar we will be exploring some of the roots and secrets of the Easter we know and love today. Why the colored eggs and bunnies? Why the Passover and Holy Resurrection? Let's find out. Contact Kari yourpocketastrologist@gmail.com www.AncientStarSciences.com
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