25 minutes | Feb 7th 2019

SO! Podcast #74: Bonus Track for Spanish Rap & Sound Studies Forum

https://soundstudies.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/finalist-mix.mp3 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Bonus Track for Spanish Rap & Sound Studies Forum SUBSCRIBE TO THE SERIES VIA ITUNES ADD OUR PODCASTS TO YOUR STITCHER FAVORITES PLAYLIST In “Asesina,” Darell opens the track shouting “Everybody go to the discotek,” a call for listeners to respond to the catchy beat and come dance. In this series on rap in Spanish and Sound Studies, we’re calling you out to the dance floor…and we have plenty to say about it. Your playlist will not sound the same after we’re through. Throughout the forum, we explored what Spanish rap has to say on the dance floor, in our cars, and through our headsets. Michael Levine discussed trap in Cuba and el paquete semanal. Lucreccia Quintanilla mused about about Latinx identity in Australia. Ashley Luthers broke down femme sexuality in Cardi B’s music. A forum on Spanish rap couldn’t be complete without a mixtape, and Lucreccia Quintanilla obliged. She has provided SO! readers with a free playlist that acts as a soundtrack to our series. Also? It’s hot. We wrap up No Pare, Sigue Sigue: Spanish Rap & Sound Studies with this bonus track. Songs: We will dance to the light of the moon – Lucreccia and Ruben Heller-Quintanilla La Cumbia Modular – Galambo Festividad – Funeral 6 De la Mañana – Kelman Duran Daddy Yankee, DJ Playero Baby Yankee Rio Bamba Remix New Freezer- DJ Na Contra La Pared – Moro Como Mujer – Ivy Queen Lucreccia Quintanilla Edit Dimelo – Demphra Fuego – Lisa M. El-Apache-ness- x-jlo-mueve-el-cucta-x-jenny-from-the-block    Tayhana-Turra-Edit La Chilaperra – Mixeo Dj’s Try Again (Chaboi ‘Mas Duro’ Dembow Refix) Sueltate el dembow – Bigote Edit Y Que Lo Mueva (feat.MC Buseta) – Rosa Pistola and YNFYNYT SCROLL — Featured image: “La Flor de Reggaetón” by Flickr user La Tabacalera de Lavapiés, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 — Lucreccia Quintanilla  is an artist/DJ/writer and PhD candidate at Monash University in Naarm, Melbourne, Australia. — REWIND! . . .If you liked this post, you may also dig: Sounding Out! Podcast #44: Keep on Pushing!–Editorial Collective Sounding Out! Podcast #28: Off the 60: A Mix-Tape Dedication to Los Angeles–Jennifer Stoever Sounding Out! Podcast #26: Wobbling the Speakerspace–Justin Burton
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