62 minutes | Jul 18th 2019

Episode 8: GREYFADED - with Joseph Branciforte (& Theo Bleckmann)

Greyfade is a New York based label founded by Joseph Branciforte, dedicated to releasing high-quality physical and digital album length works of art. Greyfade's inaugural release is the aptly titled LP1, a collaboration between Branciforte and the acclaimed vocalist Theo Bleckmann. In this episode, Branciforte discusses why Greyfade is emphasizing HQ downloads via their own web store and eschewing streaming services, why he regards launching a label as an extension of composition, collaborating with Theo Bleckmann, and working with max/msp as a performative tool. For fans of improvised music, lush textures, heavenly vocal harmonies, sub-bass frequencies, electroacoustic experimentation, and ambient excursions.  Sound Propositions should be available wherever you get your podcasts, so please keep an eye out and subscribe (and rate and review, it helps others who might be interested find us).  New episodes will be published every two weeks (more or less). You can support Sound Propositions on Patreon if you are so inclined (and since today is my birthday, I’d be extra grateful for the support). One of the rewards for supporting the podcast in this way is access to vocal-free versions of the episodes,  that is, more traditional mixes, as well as other benefits for higher tiers of support, including custom made mixes, soundscapes, and collages. Read more, including tracklist, at www.acloserlisten.com
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