58 minutes | Mar 22nd 2019

Episode 3: ROBOT, TEACH US TO GROOVE - with Efraín Rozas

Sound Propositions the podcast has the same mission  statement as the written Sound Propositions features: to share in depth  discussions with artists whose work we love, to delve into the details  of their creative practice. This episode features Efraín Rozas,  Peruvian-born, Brooklyn-based performer/composer and robotics/software  developer interested in new paradigms of cognitive technologies and  mythologies. He leads the psychedelic salsa group La Mecánica Popular,  fusing groove-based Latin music with electronic and experimental  explorations. Rozas' Myth and Prosthesis series utilizes software  programming and robotics to produce sound installations and music,  utilizing Latin American influences and modern technology to uproot  Western concepts and mind/body duality. We discuss all these  projects and more, including the role of NYC in the history of Salsa,  and the future of electronic Latinx music to come. Read more, including a tracklist, at www.acloserlisten.com
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