54 minutes | Jan 20th 2021

Episode 16: FREEDOM TO DESTROY - with Esther B.

Esther Bourdages is an art critic, radio journalist, independent curator, and musician based in Montréal. She is an improviser of extraordinary sensitivity, bringing a playfulness to her tactile manipulation of vinyl records, sometimes outright mishandling them. This freedom to destroy is indicative of a resistance to structure and formalism, but Esther’s work can’t be easily dismissed as some sort of exercise in catharsis. Instead her approach to live improvisation is raw and expressive, and cultivated over decades of ongoing exploration. Much of her recent studio work is for radiophonic diffusion, often based on field-recordings and with a politicized context. We discuss her unique approach to vinyl, the history of Canadian artist-run centres, and the intersection of art and sound from multiple perspectives. Interview recorded in Montreal, October 2020 Produced and mixed in Montreal, January 2021 Read more at: http://acloserlisten.com/2021/01/21/sp-episode-16-freedom-to-destroy-with-esther-b-podcast/ TRACKLIST ARTIST – “TITLE” (ALBUM, LABEL, YEAR) Esther B. –Think about the rhythm (Audio Postcard, 2020) Esther B. - excerpt a  (live at Spiro Space, 2019)  Esther B. / Erik Hove / Thom Gossage - The Space between - 01 Exclusive piece_no1!(Particles, Contour Editions, 2021) [the user] (Emmanuel Madan and Thomas MacIntosh) - “Silo # 5” (Silophone, The Kitchen, 2001) Esther B. - excerpt b  (live at Spiro Space, 2019)  Luigi Turra / France Jobin – “France Jobin Variation” (Fukinsei VARIATIONS, 2020) Togetherness! – “Salaam/Looking for Gilchrist (Abdullah Ibrahim / William Parker)” (Togetherness!, Mr. E Records, 2018) Martin Tétreault ‎– “Abandon” (La Nuit Où J'Ai Dit Non, Audioview, 1997) Christian Marclay & Okkyung Lee – “Rubbings” (From The Earth To The Spheres Vol. 7, Opax, 2005) Esther B.-  Silence film : quand l’audience devient la trame sonore 2016 Anne-F Jacques / Tim Olive – “Sur Place/Staying” (AMPLIFY 2020) Joane Hétu / Diane Labrosse / Zeena Parkins / Danielle P. Roger* / Tenko ‎–  “Les Pluies Acides” (La Légende De La Pluie, Ambiances Magnétiques, 1992) Esther B. (with Jon Ascencio, Aimé Dontigny, Édouard Jeunet, James Schidlowsky, David Turgeon) – “Untitled 4”  (It is not easy for doug engelbart to give a conference when Youppi and Mad Dog are in the house, No Type/Bricolodge, 2004) Jean Tinguely – “Homage to New York (Radio sculpture) / Sculpture at the Tate 12 / Mta harmonie II” (Sculpture at the Tate, Audio Arts, 1982) Esther B. - excerpt c  (live at Spiro Space, 2019)  Maria Chavez – “The Rain of Applause” (Amplify 2020) Cover image: Jean Tinguely
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