30 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

Episode 14: LISTENING THROUGH MIMAROĞLU - with Serdar Kökçeoğlu

We sit down with director Serdar Kökçeoğlu in Istanbul to discuss the 2013 Gezi Park protests, how the sounds of the city have inspired his work as a film maker, and how composer İlhan Mimaroglu was inspired by the activism of his wife, Güngör. Kökçeoğlu has recently completed his first full-length feature film, Mimaroğlu. Going beyond a biography of Turkey’s most famous composer, the film explores İlhan and Güngör’s relationship and the cross-pollination between avant-garde music and radical politics. Plus an Istanbul scene report, a special mix, and an interview with Touch artist Ipek Gorgun. Read more at www.acloserlisten.com This episode is accompanied by the İSTANBUL EKSPRES [mix]
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