84 minutes | Oct 7th 2019

Episode 12: MAKING YOURSELF DISAPPEAR - with Alvin Curran

And now for the big finale. Alvin Curran has been at the forefront of challenging musical convention for over half a century. His work has pushed back against the institutional stranglehold on culture, encouraging anybody to make music, anywhere and with anybody. A dominant tendency in his oeuvre has been finding new ways to activate spaces and cultivate active listening and music making. His recent sound installation Omnia Flumina Romam Ducunt  serves as an entry point into a wide-ranging discussion encompassing many aspects of his long career. This episode features mainly compositions by Alvin Curran. A large portion is built upon binaural field-recordings made during the finissage of Omnia Flumina Romam Ducunt at the Terme di Caracalla, ancient Roman bathes which served as the location for this stunning work. Headphone listening recommended. Find more, including tracklist, at www.acloserlisten.com. Sound   Propositions should be available wherever you get your   podcasts, so   please keep an eye out and subscribe (and rate and   review, it helps   others who might be interested find us).  New   episodes will be  published  every two weeks (more or less). You can   support Sound  Propositions on Patreon  if you are so inclined (and since today is my birthday, I’d be extra     grateful for the support). One of the rewards for supporting the    podcast  in this way is access to vocal-free versions of the  episodes,    that is,  more traditional mixes, as well as other benefits  for higher   tiers of  support, including custom made mixes,  soundscapes, and   collages.
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