55 minutes | Aug 29th 2019

Episode 10: EXPLAINED SOUNDS - with Raffaele Pezzella

Many of our readers responded enthusiastically to the Anthology of Electroacoustic Lebanese music compiled by the Unexplained Sounds Group in 2018. Earlier this year, I reached out to label founder Raffaele Pezzella (Sonolygyst) to discuss his label, his radio show, his solo work, and why he keeps digging for unheard artists. We had a great chat, discussing his interest in dark ambient, conspiracy theories, and the technical pursuit of sound. I am also really into this playlist, if I don't say so myself. (You can hear the mix without the interview and vocal fades if you support this project on our Patreon.) Find more, including tracklist, at www.acloserlisten.com. Sound   Propositions should be available wherever you get your podcasts, so   please keep an eye out and subscribe (and rate and review, it helps   others who might be interested find us).  New episodes will be  published  every two weeks (more or less). You can support Sound  Propositions on Patreon  if you are so inclined (and since today is my birthday, I’d be extra   grateful for the support). One of the rewards for supporting the  podcast  in this way is access to vocal-free versions of the episodes,   that is,  more traditional mixes, as well as other benefits for higher  tiers of  support, including custom made mixes, soundscapes, and  collages.
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