62 minutes | Dec 18, 2019

Watchmen Special: Breaking Down “See How They Fly”

Now that HBO‘s pseudo-sequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons‘ celebrated comic book series is over, we need to ask if this first (and maybe final) season of Watchmen concluded in a satisfying way. The season/series finale “See How They Fly” certainly leaves one begging for more but was the nine episodes enough, or should Damon Lindelof give fans what they want and produce a second season? There’s a lot to discuss this week on the Watchmen podcast and spoiler alert— not all of it is positive. Our Watchmen podcast will see Simon Howell and an assortment of guests tackle the entire series (or at least the first season). In this ninth episode,  Simon Howell , Randy Dankievitch and guest Kate Rennebohm take a deep dive into the season finale “See How They Fly,” and note some of the more astonishing facts of the episode you might have missed. And for those of you wondering, in order to keep things simple, we’ve decided to upload each episode to the same feed as our other podcast, Before the Internet. Listen here on iTunes or listen here on Stitcher.  You can also catch our show on Pocketcast and on Spotify, or simply listen via the player embedded below.
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