60 minutes | Feb 13th 2020

Tom Carroll - 50 Foot Death Slabs, Meditation and Addiction

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In this Episode Ash talks to Tom Carroll the two time world professional surfing champion and hero of pipeline. They spoke about Tom's surfing career, his championships, 'The Snap', The Party Era and substance abuse and the meditation yoga workshops Tom is running in Ulluahtu in June. Tom is now focusing on positive mental health through meditation, the power of now, remaining kind with an ethical focus on life. 

Here's what we chatted about: 

  • Surf-aid International in Indonesia
  •  Apartheid, Ethics and boycotting surfing events 
  • Negative Impacts in life and surfing and how to overcome injury in surfing 
  • World Championship and disqualification
  • Surfing Pipeline and rebuilding boards for pipeline 
  • 'The Snap' 
  • The party town era, drugs and your ego
  • Addiction, substance abuse and being able to ask for help and support in dark times
  • Life after competitive surfing 
  • Life threatening wipe-out on giant waves off the WA coast
  • Preparing for a non-breath hold and working towards CO2 tolerant 
  • Yoga, the journey involved in Meditation and the power of the mind
  • Your natural source: Mind, Body
  • Change in the world before it's too late, heavy plastic users 

Some of our favourite quotes from this episode.

"Now I release I can sit in a storm, back then i didn't release i couldn't sit in a storm. The time of my ankle injury it was the Universe putting me down on the ground for a bit. There is always a gift in the injury"

"Nothing kind of prepares you for when you get hit when you come off on a big wave. When you lose all of the air when you hit the water"

"The addict inside us is not the drug, it's the entity and the humaness that gets skewed towards destruction. We will destroy relationships, our surroundings degredate our health and give everything over to the drug and abandoned everything that loves us and ignore it."

"The mind starts with a thought..and it starts multiplying on itself" 

'When we act on a thought make sure it's going to be something that's going to serve you and others"

"Just go for consciousness" 

"Change has to happen...We have a lot of power to create better business, we are on a large ocean tanker and need to take action, otherwise it will be a tap on the shoulder for forced change"

"Be part of the solution"

"Be kind to yourself, look at the areas you're not so kind to yourself and make small changes. When you're kind to yourself you start to put it out to others."



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