45 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

The return of a surfing icon, Brendan 'Margo' Margieson, emerging from the darkness to find healing in ocean.

Brendan "Margo" Margieson changed surfing forever with his progressive powerful style.  He was the first superstar freesurfer.  Maining he didn't have to go in comps to be sponsored.  He just had to ripp and be Margo.  And that he did... he was voted by his peers to be the best surfer in the world at one point.  

I want to thank Margo from the bottom of my heart for really opening up in this most Soulful of Conversations.  Some of the subjects we cover here we're not the easiest to talk about.  

If you know nothing about surfing but have found yourself in a dark place you will get a lot out of this.  Thanks again Margz!

To see some amazing Margo turns updated regularly check out @margomargs

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