70 minutes | Nov 15th 2020

Surfings dark side: Heroin, coke and the days of 'go hard or go home' with Derham "Tuddy" Tutton.

In this episode I catch up with Derham "Tuddy" Tutton,  surfing legend and incredible story teller.  Tuddy has done it all,  from being the Norsca model dude,  to surfing big waves in Hawaii with all of the "Greats",  a serious addiction and now in recovery.    Tuddy is reigniting his career as a surf coach (details below) and is living his best life.  

We chat about....

Being homeless living in some sand dunes after a successful life as a coach, surfer and male model to finding  redemption.
Go hard or Go home!
How easy it was to get into heroin as a surfer back in the day.

Copping a massive closeout set at Waimea next to Mark Foo.

Rabbit Bartholmew for Pm!

Simon Anderson and the invention of the thruster.

Surfing Technique.

Shark and Dolphin behaviour.

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