53 minutes | May 7th 2020

Missy Higgins - Inspiration, family and nourishing your soul

Ash chats with Missy Higgins in the latest episode of Soulful Conversations.
Missy has had a decorated carer seeing her first number one single ,'Scar' top the charts at only twenty one years of age, winning multiple awards and accolades along the way.
Missy and Ash talk about her career as a musician and the many different twists and turns along the journey, what drove her to closing the door on music and then what bought her back, parenting, song-writing, inspiration and much more.

To check out what Missy Higgins is up to go to

Here's what we chatted about: 

  • Parenting and music life and carving out a balance 
  • Song-writing inspiration and improvisation 
  • Art and the struggle during lockdown 
  • Environmental messages and causes 
  • Using your platform to change minds but finding the line between preaching and your message
  • Defining your own success 
  • Relentless touring of the U.S.A. which lead to Missy's breaking point
  • Leaving music and Going back to university and studying Australian Indigenous studies, travelling to India and finding her identity
  • Fear and pressure in the music industry 
  • Creativity in writing 
  • Nourishing your creative soul 
  • Success at an early age and living up to it 
  • Exercise and daily routine in lock down 
  • Communication with your partner 

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