30 minutes | Feb 22nd 2020

Medical Marijuana - Sharing Our First Hand Experience

The resurgence of cannabis as a miraculous healing medicine is a great cause for optimism in the battle against cancer and a system that many of us are losing faith in.

Take your health into your own hands peeps!!! Don’t have blind faith in natural therapies OR conventional medicine.

This is a time to be open minded. The cure might be closer than you think!

This is a very special addition. I shared a video on my socials the other day about our experience with Medical Cannabis and my father in-law. I received an overwhelming response with so many questions so we set up this podcast to answer some of those. This was also a great excuse to finally get my lovely wife Danni on the show!

Medical Disclaimer: This page is for informational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians

Here's what we chatted about: 

  • How Danni’s Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Small Cell Lung cancer and given 3 months to live.
  • How his first round of chemotherapy nearly killed him and why it was no longer an option.
  • How the 90-day protocol Danni put her Dad on gave him a new lease on life. 
  • How the medical system works in relation to medical cannabis. 
  • How Danni and Ash got started with research alternative therapies. 
  • How Danni brought up the topic of medical cannabis with her father who was quite conservative.
  • The cost of alternative treatments involving straight CBD Oil and THC.
  • Information on how to find the correct dosage for you 
  • How CBD and THC work synergistically to fight cancer.
  • The importance of transforming your diet.
  • Daily practices - using a gratitude journal as a family. 
  • Exercise and Breathwork - chanting, acupuncture, neuro link, and an amazing local GP. 
  • How important HOPE is in surviving cancer. 
  • How we used a high dosage vitamin C and B drip.
  • Joe Tippens and dog worm tablets.
  • Making your own oil.


Earthbottles Blog - First-hand account of Dannie’s Dad 90 day protocol 


Run from the Cure

Youtube – Run From The Cure the story of Rick Simpson (the guy who pretty much found that cannabis could cure all sorts of things including cancer)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIzP5pV8ZIY

Joe Tippens Cures Terminal Cancer with Pet Medicine.


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This was such an uplifting soulful conversation! Hope you enjoy it and would love for you to reach out and start a conversation with us on Instagram here

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