48 minutes | Oct 31st 2019

Bobby Alu: Flow Brother Number One

Back from the road fresh off a successful album and book launch, Ash returns with a new episode of soulful conversations with good friend and Australian musician Bobby Alu. Bobby's new album Flow is being released on the 18th of October and you can find out his tour dates at https://www.musicglue.com/bobbyalu/

Here's what we chatted about: 

  • Touring the United States with Xavier Rudd finding adventures and friendship.   
  • Bobby’s Athletic career and the relationship between sports and success in music and life!
  • The relationship between success and focus  
  • Being present and how to direct your attention in life
  • How to remain focussed in the digital age of distraction 
  • The importance and power of rest and sleep 
  • How Flow state inspires bobby's music 
  • How bobby's Samoan and Australian backgrounds have influenced his life and identity. 
  • Going Solo and leaving the perfect Gig/Job
  • Bobby Playing Blues Fest with Xavier Rudd after a 20min jam.   
  • Training the mind through meditation to make important life decisions 
  • The power and importance of purposeful rest 
  • Learning hot to nap for performance from Cathy freeman 
  • A beginners guide to napping by Nap King Cole aka Bobby Alu

Some of our favorite quotes from this episode. 

“You're either in the grandstand or you're on the court, your either just watching what’s going down or you're determining what's going down, and that's a powerful place”. 

“I wrote a bunch of songs over a few years and I realized they’re all about the same thing, this flow state when things feel good when you see a bricklayer just killing it or and NBA athlete the zone, in complete control like nothing can touch them”.

“I feel like your life is like a garden, you have all these plants and you're fostering them and watering them then your life gets to a point when you garden is so full you have to pull things out to let other things grow” 

“Last year I felt like it was more important to me to play my own music to a room of 100 people than to play drums for someone else to twenty thousand” 

“I think multi-race human has lots of questions, and for me when I was growing up I was kind of confused, basically I realized I'm neither Samoan or Australia and it took me a long time to realize I was both” 


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