17 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

Why We Need a Tribe & How to Find Them

Show Description: Episode 29: Humans need people.  Our brains are wired for connection with others.  This need is why we must find our tribe and make authentic connections. 

Top Takeaways: 

·         [2:01] Defining Our Tribe

·         [3:33] Why Assemble A Tribe?

·         [4:56] The Ego’s Lies About Community

·         [6:30] What to Know Before We Seek

·         [7:53] How To Find Our Tribe

·         [9:04] Places To Search For Our Tribe

·         [11:32] Mindset During Our Search

·         [13:06] Take Action To Build Our Tribe

·         [14:40] Moving Forward 

 Episode Links: 

Ø  Growing and expanding our souls

Ø  The desire to connect with others 

Ø  Our brains are wired to do so

Ø  Our suffering 

Ø  When the ego is in control, fear sets in

Ø  Communicating with others

Ø  Carve out time to sustain our connections

Ø  Encouraging words 

Ø  They accept us 

Ø  Raven Transcending Fear

Ø  Give and receive equally

Ø  Our growth

Ø  We are all different

Ø  Unconditional love

Ø  Towards our dreams and global vision

Ø  Inspire us 

Ø  The egoic mind perpetuates 

Ø  Respond with love 

Ø  Being right

Ø  We must remember who we are  

Ø  What our core beliefs 

Ø  To influence us

Ø  We are changing to fit in

Ø  Our journey back to Spirit

Ø  Communication skills

Ø  To listen 

Ø  Finding folks to connect with authentically 

Ø  As

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