17 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

We Hate to Be Judged Let's Stop and Accept One Another

Show Description: Episode 39: We all judge, but it doesn't mean those judgments are true.  Since we hate being judged, we should look for ways to reframe this behavior. Top Takeaways: ·         [2:43] Why We Judge·         [4:23] The Harm Judgments Cause·         [6:03] Choose to Respond with Love·         [7:44] Disconnecting the Autopilot·         [9:38] Approach Others with Curiosity & Empathy·         [11:17] Reframing Our Viewpoints·         [12:50] Stop Judging Ourselves·         [14:01] Moving Forward Non-judgementally Episode Links: Ø  https://valeriezaric.com/2020/12/44-authenticity-and-overcoming-trauma-with-terri-kozlowski Ø  The brain is wired to make these judgment calls Ø  Level of egoic fear Ø  It wants to instill fear in usØ  Starts the comparisonsØ  Highlighting the difference between usØ  Strengths and weaknessesØ  Low self-confidenceØ  Bad behaviorØ  Anxious about meeting peopleØ  The inner critic Ø  0.01% of the differences Ø  Automatic behavior Ø  Awareness Ø  See another with the eyes of compassionØ  Love dispels fearØ  Proactively approach the circumstances Ø  Remember who we really are Ø  We choose not to connectØ  Disengaged the egoØ  Detach the ego Ø  An open mindØ  See them as a friendØ  Authentic connections Ø  Accept them as they areØ  An act of loveØ  How to reframe Support the show (https://paypal.me/TerriKozlowski)
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