12 minutes | Mar 16, 2021

Releasing Attachment By Forgiving Those Who Caused Our Pain

Show Description: Episode 33: Forgiving others frees us of our attachment to the offender.  To forgive means we know we are more important than the perpetrator. Top Takeaways: ·         [2:24] Rat Poison·         [3:43] The Ego’s Definition of Forgiveness·         [5:31] Clearing Out The Clutter·         [6:52] Accepting The Events And Its Effects·         [8:23] Forgiveness Is A Gradual Process·         [10:04] Moving Forward By Forgiving   Episode Links: Ø  Raven Transcending FearØ  The angerØ  From victim to survivorØ  She was to blameØ  Quote from author Anne LamottØ  They are responsible Ø  The egoic mind Ø  Live a life of peace Ø  Withholding Ø  Forgiveness is about freeing ourselves Ø  Act of self-care Ø  Letting go Ø  We are responsible Ø  The past is not a sign of the future Ø  Personal growthØ  ShameØ  Make a changeØ  Accepting ourselves as we areØ  We let go of the attachment Ø  Being compassionate Ø  Accept how we feel Ø  Personal boundaries Ø  WillpowerØ  Have to be aware Ø  I was empowering myselfØ  Our distress is caused by our thoughtsØ  Stress reducersØ  Changing our self-talk Ø  Increase our happinessSupport the show (https://paypal.me/TerriKozlowski)
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