15 minutes | Feb 23, 2021

How to Remove the Shame We Feel

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Check it out today, the link is in the show notes, or you can go to www.RavenTranscendingFear.com!  

Episode 30: How to Remove the Shame We Feel 

Show Description: Episode 30: Shame is a destructive emotion.  It makes us feel negative about ourselves.  We need to release it so we can move forward to an authentic life. 

Top Takeaways: 

·         [2:22] The Difference Between Guilt And Shame 

·         [4:09] Over-Sensitivity To Shame

·         [5:43] Awareness To See The Ego’s Control

·         [7:06] Learning About Our Shame 

·         [8:27] Altering Our Behaviors

·         [10:04] Forgiveness Is A Part Of Healing

·         [11:29] Removing The Shame We Feel

·         [13:10] Moving Forward Shamelessly


Episode Links: 

Ø  We aren’t worthy

Ø  The sexual trauma I suffered as a child

Ø  Arose from the belief that I was unworthy 

Ø  To keep me in a fearful state of being 

Ø  Behaving badly

Ø  When we take responsibility 

Ø  Negative feelings of self-worth 

Ø  Acidic self-talk

Ø  Reaction comes out of us as anger

Ø  Worthy of her love

Ø  Keeps us so fearful 

Ø  Perfectionism

Ø  The egoic mind is lying to us

Ø  Becoming aware 

Ø  The ego telling us lies

Ø  Our courage to go within 

Ø  Defeat the inner fear

Ø  We can reframe 

Ø  I am what I choose to become

Ø  A harmful habit

Ø  We were in the past

Ø  We hide behind masks and armor 

Ø  Authentic selves

Ø  Who become part of our tribe

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