13 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

How to Overcome Conflict Before It Becomes More Hostile

Show Description: Episode 35: Whatever the conflict, there are ways to handle the issue before it becomes more hostile.  Find eight ways to resolve conflict.   Top Takeaways: ·         [2:00] Why Are We Conflicted?·         [3:41] How Are We Dealing With Conflicts?·         [5:24] Ways to Reduce Disputes·         [9:00] Responding with Love Brings Peace·         [10:32] Moving Forward Lovingly Episode Links: Ø  The ego sees duality Ø  Better communication Ø  Conflict resolution Ø  The egoic mind Ø  Hate or fear Ø  We learn both behaviors Ø  Egoic reactions become habitual Ø  old belief systems Ø  The ego stays attached Ø  ShameØ  Listening to the other with the goal of understanding Ø  Fight or flight Ø  Proving it rightØ  Learn to listen, understandØ  Help build better relationshipsØ  Have an open mind Ø  Blame others Ø  Taking responsibility Ø  Anger Ø  Through laughter Ø  Allow our hearts to bring a loving response Ø  We become aware Ø  Miracles happenØ  Responding with love Ø  ForgivenessØ  Make genuine connections Ø  The miracle of peace Ø  Compassion  Do you need support to help you resolve conflicts with others?  ·         Do you want a strategy to help you overcome the ego’s limiting belSupport the show (https://paypal.me/TerriKozlowski)
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