15 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

How To Challenge Yourself To Be Open-Minded For Growth

Episode 34: How To Challenge Yourself To Be Open-Minded For Growth Show Description: Episode 34: For us to grow, we need to be open-minded.  Despite what we think, we need to challenge ourselves and our mindset to see other perspectives.   Top Takeaways: ·         [2:22] How Do We Approach Being Challenged?·         [4:13] Our Brains And Our Bias·         [5:51] Duality and Our Lack of Open-Mindedness ·         [7:23] Awareness Of Our Mindset·         [9:08] Advantages Of Being Open-Minded·         [10:44] How To Be More Open-Minded·         [12:37] Moving Forward With Open-Mindedness Episode Links:Ø  Listen to others Ø  Unlearn, relearn, or adjustØ  Emotionally attached Ø  Oprah WinfreyØ  Elon MuskØ  Deepak Chopra    Ø  Our growth Ø  Authentically listening Ø  We getting angry Ø  Confirmation biasØ  Knowledge biasØ  False consensus biasØ  Inspired to grow Ø  World of dualityØ  The egoic mind Ø  Personal growthØ  Make genuine connections with othersØ  Trying to prove we are rightØ  Our habitual behaviors Ø  Takes willpowerØ  Adjust our viewpoint Ø  Change our beliefsØ  Our commitment to being who we are with othersØ  Grow and expand our soulsØ  We gain self-confidence Ø  Unlearn outdated beliefsØ  Override the egoic mind’s Ø  Expand our tribe Ø  Support the show (https://paypal.me/TerriKozlowski)
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