12 minutes | Jan 26, 2021

How to be Proactive in Life

Show Description:   Episode 26: When we are proactive in life, we are responding well as situations and issues arise.  We anticipate and take action before issues occur. 

Top Takeaways:

·        [1:58] Benefits of Living a Proactive Life

·        [4:08] The Unknown Rewards of Being Proactive

·        [5:48]What Prevents Us from Being Proactive?

·        [7:32] Learning to Control our Responses

·        [9:04] Ways to Be Proactive 

·        [11:00] Proactively Moving Forward 

Episode Links:

Ø  We look ahead and see 

Ø  Add a self-care routine into our lives 

Ø  We build our self-confidence muscle

Ø  Adaptable to the change

Ø  “Be Prepared” is the Boy Scout Motto

Ø  Change is neutral

Ø  Looking for ways to improve and grow

Ø  Peace of mind

Ø  We are stressing 

Ø  Time management skills 

Ø  Comfort zone

Ø  Better communication 

Ø  Respond with compassion 

Ø  Genuine connections

Ø  Take responsibility for the situation

Ø  We made choices 

Ø  Blaming others 

Ø  Making excuses 

Ø  Creating a vision

Ø  Assess our habits 

Ø  Keep us inspired

Ø  Influential leaders 

Ø  Grow and expand our souls


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