14 minutes | Mar 2, 2021

How to Accept Our Weaknesses for Personal Growth

Show Description: Episode 31: When we know both our weaknesses and strengths, we can accept ourselves and focus on areas we thrive instead of where we struggle.   

Top Takeaways: 

·         [1:57] Understanding Weaknesses Versus Strengths

·         [3:39] Not Two Sides of the Same Coin

·         [5:15] We Don’t Need to Be Fixed

·         [6:44] Are We Allowing Our Weaknesses to Hinder Us?

·         [8:16] Are Our Behaviors Weaknesses?

·         [9:52] Accessing Our Strengths and Weaknesses

·         [11:50] Moving Forward


Episode Links: 

Ø  Our inner critic 

Ø  Supposed to differ from others 

Ø  Allowing my egoic mind 

Ø  Things we are passionate about 

Ø  Inspired action 

Ø  In a flow state 

Ø  Don’t inspire us 

Ø  Our influence will be more significant

Ø  Our happiness will increase

Ø  Dr. Don Clifton 

Ø  Limitations 

Ø  Dualistic egoic world

Ø  Joy 

Ø  Fuels us to continue to learn 

Ø  Despite any traumas 

Ø  Can change our behaviors 

Ø  Can take responsibility 

Ø  Building our self-confidence 

Ø  Do everything perfectly  

Ø  We need to accept this part of us 

Ø  Reduce our stress 

Ø  The egoic mind has a limited viewpoint

Ø  There may be things we need to unlearn

Ø  Believed I wasn’t creative 

Ø  Raven Transcending Fear

Ø  Healing process


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