13 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

How Detachment Can Lead to Happiness In Your Life

Show Description: Episode 45: Attachments cause unhappiness as we struggle against what is.  When we learn to detach, we stop struggling, and happiness rises from within. Top Takeaways: ·         [1:17] Understanding What Attachment Is·         [3:16] Determining If You’re Overly Attached·         [5:13] Understanding Detachment·         [7:04] Learning How To Detach·         [8:34] Why Detachment Is Vital ·         [10:04] Finding Happiness Through Detachment·         [11:22] Moving Forward Unattached Episode Links: Ø  A fear we lose Ø  Change to occur Ø  Allow peace to flow Ø  Attachments Ø  Inner authenticityØ  It limits the possibilities Ø  Cause stressØ  Get attached to Ø  Fearful thinkingØ  LoveØ  Letting go Ø  Accepting what isØ  The past as well as future Ø  How we respond to the situationØ  Setting personal boundaries Ø  Reframe how we see Ø  Grow and expand our soulsØ  Awareness Ø  The egoic voice Ø  The soulful whispers of your soulØ  Struggle against changeØ  Comfort zone Ø  UncomfortableØ  Illusion of the ego Ø  The self-confidence Ø  The right direction for your life Ø  Make authentic connections Ø  All fear Ø  Causes distractions<Support the show (https://paypal.me/TerriKozlowski)
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