15 minutes | May 25, 2021

How Can You Find A Clear Direction When You Feel Lost And Confused

·         Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ ·         https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/stories-of-astonishing-light-with-kj-nasrul/id1529550283 Episode 43: How Can You Find A Clear Direction When You Feel Lost And Confused Show Description: Episode 43: Even if we feel lost, moving in the right direction is easy by noticing the clues around us as we journey through life towards our dreams.   Top Takeaways:·         [2:35] Defining Our Directions And Why It’s Important·         [4:17] Stop Over-Thinking·         [5:42] Take Action In Any Direction·         [7:19] There Are Clues To The Right Direction·         [8:52] Natural Abilities Propel Us Forward·         [10:16] Have People Who Support The Direction·         [11:37] Trust Our Instincts·         [13:05] Moving Forward In A Clear Direction Episode Links:Ø  joined a book club.  Ø  Raven Transcending FearØ  comparing our lives to others Ø  judging ourselves Ø  hear the whispers of our hearts Ø  This silence we seek Ø  we’re all called  Ø  I was afraid Ø  the self-doubt Ø  discomfort is part of the growth process Ø  accept what is Ø  change is neutralØ  living in the present moment Ø  be open-minded Ø  making connections with others Ø  my creativity to flowØ  self-careØ  took actionØ  authentic selvesØ  in the flow Ø  answers from within Ø  journaling Ø  overcoming the innate fear Ø  bridge to the other side of fearØ  Support the show (https://paypal.me/TerriKozlowski)
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