8 minutes | May 18, 2021

Ask Terri About Persistence

The Ability to be Persistent is a Powerful Tool in Creating Your Dreams Description: Episode 42:  When we want to achieve a goal, persistence allows us to pivot and adjust to obtain our dreams. It's part of a growth mindset.     Top Takeaways: ·         [0.45] What is persistence, and why is it important to never give up?  ·         [3.26] Moving Forward by Adjusting to Change·         [6.09] When, if Ever Should We Surrender?  Episode Links: Ø  Pursue our goalsØ  Speech pathologist Ø  Negative voices, either outside of us or withinØ  Ability to adapt Ø  Change is always happeningØ  Easier for us to pivot Ø  Learning to accept what is  Ø  The ego to keep us stuck Ø  When COVID happenedØ  The podcast Soul SolutionsØ  Grow and expand Ø  What the next right action Ø  Having a growth mindset Ø  Having good habits and routinesØ  Move forward with confidenceØ  https://terrikozlowski.com/persistence-creates-dreams/ Support the show (https://paypal.me/TerriKozlowski)
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