15 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

Actually, Willpower is an Egoic Lie to Keep Us Stuck

Show Description: Episode 32:  Willpower is about the outcome we want and how much we want it?  It's a choice about action or inaction towards our goals.   Top Takeaways: ·         [2:11] Awareness of Our Options·         [3:47] Marshmallows and Overall Success·         [5:20] What Willpower Isn’t·         [6:40] Knowing Ourselves·         [7:57] Building Our Willpower Muscle·         [9:49] Mindfulness of Our Habitual Behaviors·         [11:23] Rewards and Temptations·         [12:57] Moving Forward: One Step at a Time Episode Links:Ø  American Psychological Association defines willpower Ø  Control our behaviors Ø  Write a book we know will help othersØ  The ego uses our past to indicate our futureØ  When we become awareØ  The ability to adapt to changing circumstancesØ  Proactive ways Ø  Need to unlearn Ø  The ego is lazy and selfishØ  Stanford University, Walter Mischel led the famous marshmallow experiment Ø  Learn new things every dayØ  Habitually respond to life Ø  Stretching ourselves and growingØ  Accepting ourselves Ø  Inspiring ourselves Ø  The ego shame us Ø  Grow and expand our souls  Ø  Wearing masks and armorØ  We are worthy the way we areØ  Become more authenticØ  How our ego reacts to situations Ø  The treacherous path of blameØ  Negative self-talk Ø  Forgive ourselves Ø 
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