46 minutes | Oct 17, 2021

EP 137: Return to Yourself with Dawn Deguire, Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer

Do you feel like you have moved so far away from yourself? Wondering what life is all about? Dawn Deguire admits she was overly identified with her job and got a lot of self-esteem from it. She kept climbing the corporate ladder, but to what end? Stressed out - her body was screaming at her, she knew something had to change. She had to return to herself and discover the truth inside her. -- Was she here to just buy stuff or was she here for something larger? -- Bottoming out emotionally and spiritually, she came to her inward journey. As a coach, energy healer, recovery advocate and yoga instructor, she shares how you can return to yourself and discover the truth inside you. -- We also chat about: -- ✔️ moving out of her intellect into her heart. ✔️ reconnecting with her Indigenous truths which she says are universal spiritual teachings. ✔️ the importance of emotions ✔️letting go - shedding the layers of identity. ✔️ why we are here. CONNECT with Dawn Deguire: Website - https://truth-inside.ca/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TruthIsAllThereIs Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/truthinsidecoaching/?hl=en
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